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Wicked Game

No, I don't want to fall in love...

Harry James Potter
31 July 1980
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Harry James was born to Lily and James Potter on July 31st, 1980. Roughly a year later his parents died, leaving him an orphan. Left to his aunt's and her husband's care, Harry's first 11 years were void of affection and care. Malnourished, neglected, verbally and physically abused, Harry grew up thinking that his parents had died in a car accident and that the lighting-like scar he sported on his forehead was a memento of that tragic day. It wasn't until his eleven birthday that Harry was told the whole truth. He was a Wizard, just as his parents and they'd died by the hand of the most feared Sorcerer that had ever walked the Earth, Lord Voldemort.

Harry attended Hogwarts, where he found a home and family. In Sixth Year, Harry lost one of the most important people of his life, Albus Dumbledore. Bearing as witness of everything that went down that night, but unable to do something about it, Harry bowed he would finish Voldemort once and for all. A madman who'd sent a boy -for Draco Malfoy was as much as boy as he was- to kill didn't deserve any clemency in his eyes.

One cold January morning, in 1998, Harry finally fulfilled the prophecy and vanquished Voldemort once and for all. The Wizarding World celebrated, believing all dark times were left behind, without knowing that for their hero, dark times were only beginning. Deeply affected by the whole war, but particularly the final battle, Harry managed to return to Hogwarts and finish his NEWT's doing what he did best, hiding his true emotional state from everyone, especially his best friends, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley. On the outside he was the usual Harry, as normal as he could be with everyone fawning over him, but inside he was in chaos. Unbeknownst to almost everyone but Minerva McGonagall and Madam Pomfrey, Harry had absorbed a considerable amount of Voldemort's powers.

His episodes of spontaneous magic increased until the point he began to withdraw from people, afraid he would hurt someone else. His emotional distress was fed by the constant nightmares he had about the war, the capture of Ron and Hermione and the battle with Voldemort. After two very difficult years, in which he was consumed by guilt and unable to control his new powers, he decided it was time to do something about it. He had killed in order to preserve the life of others, as well as his own life and it was time for him to try and secured as much of it as was possible. He began taking therapy to control his temper because every time he lost it, bad things happened. After finding the right therapist for him, without any of his close friends knowing, he tried various therapies methods and the one that worked and works the best is music therapy. As such, he became quite the music passionate.

Gaining some stability, Harry went to the Aurors' Academy and even though it wasn't easy, he finished his career. Knowing he wouldn't want to actually work in the Aurors ranks, he took advantage of being the Boy-Who-Lived for the first time and asked to be part of the newly created Muggle-Wizard Liaisons Office where he works as top Auror in charge of the Muggle Law Enforcement Agents training.

Killing Voldemort and other people had a great impact on Harry. He realized he was as much a killer as Voldemort himself because killing someone that kills because killing is bad is just plain wrong. So even though he is more powerful than ever before, he tries not to use that power, which is why he came to terms with him being a half-breed and he rather does most things the Muggle way.

In spite of his hard life, Harry is a relaxed, easy-going, friendly guy, but he has temper issues and is quick to judge, things that he dreads and is trying to change. Still a true hero, he will come to anyone's rescue when needed. He's a little shy in large social settings but it has to do more with him being who he is than with him being socially inadequate. He's kept to himself and his closest friends, plus the most unlikely person, Daphne Greengrass. His love life consists of one-niters he has with Muggles because he knows any wizard or witch will take the story to the Prophet before he can put his trousers back on.

At his 25 years, Harry doesn't look a day older than 20 or according to Ron, 17. He grew up to 1.75 mts. (5'10"), even with the malnutrition of his childhood, but he has never been able to tame his hair and his eyes are as green as ever, except when they're not, especially now that he wears contact lenses. He finds them quite temperamental.

Harry lives with Hedwig in a flat just at the end of Muggle London, beginning of Diagon Alley, where he watches the sunrise every day.


'This is Potter, leave a message. Is this one better, Hermione?'


Harry Potter, Number 13, Morgana Square, Diagon Alley

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